By now, everyone I know is aware that I plan on getting a Mac. I'm sure I've bored my poor wife to tears over the subject.

Well, until that day arrives I'll have to endure using my PC. There is, however, something that may make the situation a bit more bearable. I've just learned of a new text editor for Windows that mimics TextMate for the Mac. Its called E -TextEditor (or simply 'E') and it looks great. Not only does it work like TextMate, but it supports the bundles as well. In fact, when you try to view the documentation for E it redirects you to the TextMate site.

I'm going to give this software a spin since they offer a free trial. If it turns out to be all that they say it is, its only $34.95 to purchase a license. If there is anyone out there wishing they had an advanced text editor for Windows with all of the bells and whistles of TextMate, this may be what you're looking for.