CWSA 12.4.2007

Another meeting of the Cleveland Web Standards Association has come and gone, and my what a busy night it was. The night was filled with wonderful presentations, good food and great discussions. As always, the real fun begins when the presentations end and the socializing begins. For those not able to attend here is a brief run down of the night's activities.

The Presentations

We were lucky to have not one, not two, not three, but four superb "mini" presentations on Tuesday.

First was Eric Wiley's presentation outlining how to create accessible image maps. Using the oft underused definition list, he demonstrated a technique put forth by Seth Duffey from an article he wrote on A List Apart.

Next up was David Mead who focussed not on one, but many topics. From tips on how to better organize your style sheets, to previewing some of the great things we can expect from CSS3.

Beth Dean reviewed the popular technique by Douglas Bowman, the Sliding Doors of CSS. She demonstrated this bit of CSS trickery using tabbed navigation. Nice. Clean. Bulletproof.

Lastly, Julie gave a quick presentation regarding Flash and how to make it respect the z-index property.

Post-Presentation Announcements

Joseph Frantz had a few announcements to make after the presentations had wrapped up. In brief, he went over the current state of the CWSA web site. We have a mock up of the main page ready and will hopefully be able to launch the site within a week to two weeks time. Some of our members have been working on logos which we will reveal and vote on at a later date. He also introduced a core team of association members who will oversee the direction of the site and help move the process along more quickly.

Also due to the holidays, our room at Tri-C West Campus will not be available until after January 12. We haven't yet decided on a date for the next meeting, but rest assured there will be one. We all want to keep the momentum going.