I am very proud to announce the launch of the new Cleveland Web Standards Association site. I had the pleasure of working with Brendan Cullen on getting this first iteration of our little corner of the web online. I say first iteration because from the beginning this site is meant to be a collaborative effort by members of the CWSA. However, being an association whose stated goal is to spread the word of web standards to the Cleveland area, we thought that is was crucial to get something up quickly.

Keeping in mind that the finished design will be a CWSA Core team collaboration, I wanted to make sure that version 1.0 was very simple and clean. I kept it to one font, minimal color and practically no embellishment. Save for the great photo in the header of the Hope Memorial Bridge. Thanks to Allyson Newell for letting us use the image.

Along with Brendan's help, fellow member Bridget Stewart took the time to work on the content for the about page. She summarized perfectly the goals of our group and outlined what steps we will be taking for the next version.

With all of that said, I am very happy with what we have accomplished in less than a year's time. We began a year ago with two web nerds comparing sites in a bar and have grown into something that I believe will change the web community in Cleveland for the better.

Now head on over to our site to see what's coming up on the calendar and sign up!