I know, its been a while since I've posted. But, hey, its been busy. I know, I know, that's no excuse, but I'm using it anyway.

So here I am trying to play catch up. A hell of a lot has happened since the last post so I guess I'll be updating this quite frequently to get this thing current.

Back around the end of May, my wife, nephews and I went to Maryland to visit her cousin Tamara, her husband Ron and their two children Kaley and Alina. We went a few years back and had a great time and really wanted to get there. We figured we should bring the boys since it would be their first out of state trip, their first plane ride and their first look at the ocean (that's a lot of firsts).

We arrived late on Thursday the 26th, hungry, tired and very much in need of a drink. Kathy and me, of course, not the kids. It was quite a packed weekend as we visited Sandy Point State Park (right off Chesapeake Bay), some little town that was having some crazy festival (basically an excuse for the locals to band together in the center of town and get piss drunk), and topped it off with a trip to Ocean City.

Ocean City is quite an experience. We had a great spot right near the water. Soft sand. Cool ocean breeze. Relatively quiet and peaceful. Then about fifty yards away you have the boardwalk which I can only describe as a cross between an amusement park, a row of fraternity houses, and a place some people still think the mullet is the coiffure du jour. All kidding aside it was a blast and I am happy to have had the experience.

As always, spending time with Ron and Tamara is great. They are a lot of fun (although very busy these days). Even with all of the commotion of having four children to look after we all managed to have a wonderful time. Now that they are moving back to the Midwest, we can enjoy more times like this trip.

Okay, okay... Enough of my insipid writing. I posted some photos of the trip which are much more entertaining.