A Great Show, Sad Turn of Events

I know I'm posting this quite late in game, but oh well. So be it.

Toward the end of the second season of Arrested Development, my wife and I got hooked. It has to be one of the funniest shows that I've seen on TV in quite some time. After watching the end of the second season, we were able to watch it in its entirety during a marathon rebroadcast over the course of a week. Absolutely hilarious! That Christmas Kathy picked up the first two seasons on DVD which we began watching immediately.

By now, of course, the third season is done and sadly the series may be done as well. Fox in their stupidity is canceling the show. There is hope that another network will pick it up (Showtime has shown some interest). But, alas, I haven't heard anything solid.

My advice is for you to do yourself a favor and rent the first two seasons (the third hasn't been released yet). You won't be disappointed. Unless of course you consider a show like Freddie to be the pinnacle of television comedies.